Thursday, 25 June 2015

We Planted Our Own Seeds.. Check them out!

Samuel planted beans. He has given his beans lots of water and sunlight! Look how much they have grown!

Sarah planted Marigold. She has also given her seeds lots of water and sunlight and you can see lots of little leaves!
Talia planted Poppy seeds. We can see lots of little roots and lots of green stems. Talia says she will keep giving her poppy lots of water and sunlight over the school holidays.
Adam planted peas. He has got lots of green shoots coming through the cotton wool. He has given his peas lots of sun and water!

All of the Prep A children have planted their own seeds. They are taking them home over the school holidays to continue looking after them. We would love to hear where you have put your seeds and what you are doing to help them grow!


  1. Charlotte's poppy seeds are growing very slowly. Not like Samuel's impressive beans.

  2. Dear Prep A. I planted my marigold seeds in the vegie patch, but they died. I'm going to try with poppy seeds. Love from Isabelle.