Thursday, 25 June 2015

We Planted Our Own Seeds.. Check them out!

Samuel planted beans. He has given his beans lots of water and sunlight! Look how much they have grown!

Sarah planted Marigold. She has also given her seeds lots of water and sunlight and you can see lots of little leaves!
Talia planted Poppy seeds. We can see lots of little roots and lots of green stems. Talia says she will keep giving her poppy lots of water and sunlight over the school holidays.
Adam planted peas. He has got lots of green shoots coming through the cotton wool. He has given his peas lots of sun and water!

All of the Prep A children have planted their own seeds. They are taking them home over the school holidays to continue looking after them. We would love to hear where you have put your seeds and what you are doing to help them grow!


Here are our seeds after lots of watering and caretaking.
This is what we notice:
- dark green
- lots of roots
-long grass
-it has grown alot
- tall
- the sun has helped it grow because it has lived on the windowsill

- yellow
- white
- tall
- unhealthy

Cup three has not changed at all. It still has the seeds just as we put them in.

We think Cup Two has grown the tallest because it has been living in a cupboard under the windowsill. We think the cupboard must be really hot because the sun hits the wall that it is next to. Even though it is the tallest, we don't think it is the healthiest.
We all agree that we would much prefer to sit on or play footy on the grass that has grown in cup number one because it is soft and healthy and dark green.

We would love the hear what you think about our grass!
 Which one do you think looks the healthiest?
 Which one would you like to have a picnic on?

Monday, 1 June 2015


Today we performed an experiment. We learnt that sometimes experiments don't always give us an answer straight away. Sometimes we have to wait!!
We planted grass seeds in three different cups.
In Cup 1, we are going to give the grass seeds sunlight and water.
In Cup 2, we are going to give the grass seeds water but NO sunlight. 
In Cup 3, we are going to give the grass seeds sunlight but NO water. 

We are wondering what you think is going to happen to the seeds in each cup?
We made our own predictions and every day we are going to look at our cups to see if there are any differences. 

We can't wait to see what happens!
Please tell us what you think is going to happen!