Thursday, 25 June 2015


Here are our seeds after lots of watering and caretaking.
This is what we notice:
- dark green
- lots of roots
-long grass
-it has grown alot
- tall
- the sun has helped it grow because it has lived on the windowsill

- yellow
- white
- tall
- unhealthy

Cup three has not changed at all. It still has the seeds just as we put them in.

We think Cup Two has grown the tallest because it has been living in a cupboard under the windowsill. We think the cupboard must be really hot because the sun hits the wall that it is next to. Even though it is the tallest, we don't think it is the healthiest.
We all agree that we would much prefer to sit on or play footy on the grass that has grown in cup number one because it is soft and healthy and dark green.

We would love the hear what you think about our grass!
 Which one do you think looks the healthiest?
 Which one would you like to have a picnic on?

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