Thursday, 12 March 2015

Maths Problem Posing - Jelly Bean Jar

Next week, the students will engage in a problem posing task in response to this image.
We will be posing the following questions:
How many jelly beans do you think are in this jar?
What strategy did you use to come up with your answer?

We would love to hear your responses to these questions in the comments section below. Don't forget to check back at the end of the week to see what the students came up with in the classroom. 


  1. Hi Prep A! I guess there are 600 jelly beans in the jar. I think there are 100 of each colour and there are 6 colours. Am I close?! Owen's Mum

  2. Great guess Owen's Mum! Have a look at our guesses!
    "I would guess 600 because 6 one hundreds make 600." - Jacob
    "I guess a trillion because it is such a big jar and I counted them all and I got to one trillion!" - Molly
    "104 because the jelly bean jar is massive!" - Archie
    "700 because it is so big." -Harry
    "10 hundred because the jar is so big." - Shae
    " I think one million because it is a very big jar." - Talia
    "I think there is 81 because I counted them." - Juliet

  3. Great guesses Prep A! Owen's Mum

  4. Hi Prep A I think there is 120 of each colour so 720 in total and you are right Arvhie the Jar is massive!

  5. Hi Prep A I gues 120 of each colour so 720 jelly beans in the jar! Imagine the belly ache you would get if you are them all! Archie is right the jar is massive!!

  6. I think there are about 150 of each colour and there are 6 colours so that means there are 900 in the jar which is close to a thousand !!!!

  7. Hi Prep A. Isla and I think there are 300 jelly beans of each colour, so 6 lots of 300 is 1800. Belinda

  8. Hi Prep A - I think there are 505 and Harry thinks there are 106