Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Learning the Letter Names AND Sounds...

It is very important that students know ALL letter names and sounds in both upper and lower case, before they are about to decode words to read.
As I have had a number of parents ask about their child learning the letters, I have attached files with the Victorian Modern Cursive Font letters that you can make into flashcards, or use as you wish.
Here are some ideas to help your child learn the letters and sounds:
  • Say the sound of a letter and have your child make it out of play dough.
  • Play "sound bingo". Make up game boards and have your child place a counter on the sound of the letter you pull out.
  • Say a sound and have your child write it. 
  • Play "Memory" using a few letters you might be focusing on. 
  • Use the flashcards to match the uppercase and lowercase letters to each other and then put the alphabet in order. Have your child point to each letter and say the sound.
  • Place the letters on the ground and have your child jump on the sound or letter you say. 
  • Say a word (e.g. house) and have your child tell you the sound and letter that it begins with. 
  • Choose a letter and hunt in magazines for pictures that begin with that letter.
What are some games/ways that you learn your letters and sounds?
It would be great to share your ideas with other parents and children!

Victorian Modern Cursive Regular Flashcards
Victorian Modern Cursive Dotted Flashcards


  1. The flash cards attached have been a huge help for Archie! Thanks Jess. We also read letters on signs and billboards when we are driving in the car.

  2. Sian has been using her sign language skills to remember the sounds. Is this a prep A thing ?