Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lego Jar

How many pieces of Lego in the Lego jar?

This week, we will be estimating how many pieces of Lego there are in the jar. Every day I will give you another clue to help you guess how many pieces there are.
Today, we don't have a clue... We are each going to have a look at the jar and guess how many pieces there are. You have to tell me WHY you think there are that many!!


  1. 29, because they are hard to count. - Sian
    33, because I'm not allowed to count them. -Molly
    35 because they are in the jar and they are hard to count. -Lily
    I think there is 50, because you can't count them from the outside. -Isabelle
    I think there is 4 because I am just guessing. -Harry
    I think there are 80. - Michael
    I think there are 12 because it is a small jar. - Talia
    I think there's 31. -Alexia
    26 because I don't know how many there are. -Gabriel
    21 because I was counting them when I was looking at the inside of them. -Juliet
    I think there is 29 because the jar is small. -Isla
    I think there are 14 because there's so many lego pieces on the inside. -Archie
    I think 235 because the jar is so little. -James
    I think the answer is 98 because there's so many lego pieces - Birthday Girl (Violet)
    I think there are 99 - Mykah
    I think there is 9 because there is a lot. - Samuel S
    I think 100 because the jar is a medium size. -Patrick
    I think there is 90. - Adam
    I think there is 10 because there is a lot - Eva
    I think there are 16 pieces because the jar is so little. -Owen
    I think there is 60 because I counted a few. -Jacob
    I think there is 90. - Chloe
    I think that there is 90 because some of the pieces are big and some of the pieces are small. -Shae
    I think there is 8 because it is only a little jar. -Ruby
    I think there are 20 because I can see some of the lego pieces inside there in the middle of the jar. -Samuel H
    I think there are 94 because the jar is big. -Dylan

  2. Very good guesses Prep A! I guess 85 I tried counting some in the picture but I can't see the other side!! Owen's Mum

  3. I think there may be about 28 because I can see 7 yellow pieces and there are 4 different colours. How many yello pieces can you see prep A ?

  4. Alexia's dad guesses 64.. very cute comments

  5. Alexia's dad guesses 64.. very cute comments

  6. Isabelle's Dad guesses 60. I wonder what the clue will be tomorrow!

  7. I'm thinking 23 , no real reason just the number that popped into my head!!

  8. I am thinking 40, thus is what I think from what I can see in the jar, Kristy (Harry's Mum)

  9. My guess or estimate is 66. This is 6 pieces more than Jacob's guess. I like Jacob's guess. I think we will both be very close to the correct amount.

  10. Hi Nancy, we can see 12 yellow pieces. But we think there might be more in the middle and we can't see without opening the jar.

    The clue today is:

  11. Our new guesses with today's clue:
    Sian - 26
    Talia - 27 because the jar has lots of lego
    Gabriel - 57 because I can't count them
    Eva - because it is a small jar

  12. Clue #3 - The last number in the answer is the number zero.
    We worked out, the answer must be: 10 ,20. 30, 40 , 50. 60. 70. 80, 90 or 100
    Here are our new guesses:
    i Think there is 70 - Patrick
    I think there is 60 - Talia
    I think there is 80 - Owen

  13. Clue number 3:
    There are;
    2 extra long pieces
    5 long pieces
    16 medium pieces
    14 small pieces
    23 mini pieces
    Mykah said the best way to work out the answer is to add them together. Isabelle said we could use a calculator, so we did!
    We used the numbers of the clue and the + button to put all the numbers together, and guess what the answer is....
    Lots of people guessed that there were 60 pieces of lego in the jar, well done!
    We double checked the answer by counting them all.

    We all thought the lego activity was so much fun!
    Thankyou for playing with us!

  14. We'll done Prep A that's a lot of Lego in the jar! Owens Mum