Friday, 2 May 2014

Seasons - Inquiry Immersion

On Friday, we had our "Seasons change and so do we" Inquiry Immersion day.

We participated in a variety of activities which helped us explore the four seasons.
The activities were based around using our senses to explore. Have a look at our video to see all the fun things we did!

Prep A students, what is your favourite season and why?


  1. What an amazing morning Prep A! I learnt lots about you all as learners. I am interested in hearing all your wonderings! How do the different seasons make you feel? Mrs L

  2. Summer made me happy because it was fun! -Allie
    Winter made me feel happy because it I liked picking up the ice blocks! - Tanish
    Winter made me feel cold because there was snow! - Chiara
    Spring makes me feel happy because rainbows come out! - Janusz
    Autumn makes me happy because I love the leaves falling! - Lacey
    Summer makes me feel happy because I liked the exploration table! - THeo
    I liked Summer and Winter because dressing up was my favourite! -Xavier

  3. My favourite season is Summer because we all love going to the beach. Dora (Xavier's Mum)

  4. Hi Prep A
    You look like you all had so much fun - what a fantastic and interesting way to discover and learn about the seasons. Lacey said she had a wonderful day. I wonder whether anyone knows which months are part of each season?
    Have fun and keep up the great learning
    Manika (Lacey's Mum)